Create Your Painting

Too often we forget that we own the canvas, the paint and the paintbrush of our lives.

As we have started another amazing year of school, the time is now to create your painting. 

Your future is one of great promise; one of purpose and passion.

What goals do you aspire to meet this year?

What impression do you plan to leave on your students?

As you build relationships with students and teach your heart away, remember that you are the painter.  You have the talent, ability, determination and passion to create a true masterpiece. Let your work of art, your teaching, be a true reflection of you and your commitment to building a nation.

This year brings many new experiences and great opportunities. Remember to always challenge yourself.  Be uncomfortable; it’s food for growth. No matter the day or the experiences you have with your students, parents, and colleagues, you can find true beauty in everyone and every situation.

The painting is ours to create. Create a gallery of work that transcends generations.  Let the beauty of living and learning be the inspiration for your masterpiece.

I hope you have gotten off to an amazing start of the school year!  Welcome back to greatness!!!

Have an amazing 2019-2020 school year.