Thank you!

Thank You!

Thank you’ is one of the most beautiful phrases of the English language. We can all share the positive emotions that were the result of a genuine thank you.  As educators, we are not thanked enough. I want to say thank you to every educator who strives to positively impact the lives of students every day. Just as the air we breathe, our thanks too, can be constant. Intentionally modeling positive and kind behaviors for our students helps them to develop in that manner.

Thank you, fellow educators, for your passion, commitment and dedication to our noble profession.  Education is the true profession of nation builders. Thank you for the exemplary lessons you plan and implement daily.  Thank you for the positive relationships you are nurturing. Thank you for your support of your students, their families and your school. Thank you for volunteering and serving our district and community at large.


Thank you to the awesome students who enter our schools each day with the expectation of getting an education.  Thank you, students, for taking risks as your teachers asked you to engage in activities. Thank you, students, for representing yourselves and your schools through sports and extracurricular activities. Your commitment and investment in learning will provide you with great opportunities. With that, thank you, students, for your pledge to make the world greater, with the greatest investment being your education.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a voice for our profession.  I am grateful to work alongside exemplary educators and to have a great network of support. I am thankful for all of the amazing students that I have been given the opportunity to teach and inspire.  For each mistake made and for every success recognized, I am thankful. Each day teaches new lessons and it is through experience that we learn and grow. I am thankful to be an educator!

A former student captured the very essence of thanks.  At the end of every class I would hear, “Thank you for teaching me, Mr. Williams.” This helped me to gain a greater appreciation for the true impact I have as an educator.  Our goal, along with teaching academic content, is teaching social, emotional, and life skills. To have our students be engaged, find joy in learning, learn the true value of getting an education, and apply the knowledge and skills learned are goals we hope students are able to achieve.  I am thankful to this student for recognizing my greatest efforts to give my students the best possible education.

Continue to give THANKS every day!

Together helping adolescents navigate knowledgeably and skillfully